We are outspread in two countries in Europe, i.e Georgia and Ukraine.


Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia. Known for its rich and high quality education system, Ukraine is a wonderful place to pursue your Medical studies. It has become a popular destination for students from across the globe to pursue MBBS. The living standard of hostels in top universities of Ukraine can be compared to other European countries. The accommodation for students doing MBBS in Ukraine is quite cheaper as compared to other countries in Europe. The hostel fee of a student studying in a top medical university in Ukraine is not more than $50 per month which is quite affordable. Students pursuing their MBBS in Ukraine universities get a very healthy lifestyle and facilities.

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Georgia is a European country situated to the east of the famous black sea. Georgia is becoming one of the most popular destination for medical study. In India, most of the families think two options as career choices either engineering or medical. If someone is planning to study Medical science abroad or want to pursue as PG degree in Medicine, then he/she has number of options to consider.

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