About Us

We make you fly high with our MBBS program. We are a consulting company for the perfect career needs of students who are looking for an education abroad. We are affiliated with the leading universities abroad. We help students choose the best option according to their own preferences and needs from various countries like Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, Russia and China. Our widespread network in these countries helps in making our students settle abroad.

We provide assistance not only before enrolment but also during the course and this is what makes us a trustworthy name. Akshah Education takes pride in its work over last 05 years of successful establishment in Indian Medical Field. While we focus on solutions, our single minded approach helps in altering all the parameters be it financial, personal or educational.

With an experienced team of counsellors and mentors, we guide students on all the possible career options available for them. Akshah Education has assisted thousands of students in getting and securing MBBS admission and study MBBS in Europe. We assist students and their parents about all the information they need so that they can take a right and timely decision. We believe in providing authentic information to the student and their parents.


To help our students realize their best potential. We want students to be successful and generous enough to heal the world with their personal and professional skills. We strive to give the best possible option to our students according to their preferences.

Today, Akshah is a big name for sending Students to reputed international institutions abroad, we also work closely with several organizations, high commissions & education bodies.


Our mission is to give the world as many successful doctors as we can. A Doctor has the power to make world a better place through their professional skills. We at Akshah aims to provide a disease free world. Through our international exposure system, we provide students with an exposure to know and explore their field of interest in a better way.