Having a comfortable place to stay is a major concern in a new country. If the experience of accommodation is well enough, other things just flow by themself. Akshah comes with its own hostel facility in Ukraine and Georgia to make the experience of staying a comfortable one. We understand the luxury of being at home, thus comes with a motive to make you feel like a home. We not just provide students a comfortable place to stay but also with Delicious Indian food so they don’t miss the homemade food back in India.

These countries are safe enough for students to live alone, people here welcome Indian students heart warmingly, in case of any emergency with students, hostel in charge are always there to help students out. They resolve all the issues of students, right from helping them out with shopping from helping them have a cordial relation with their roommates, they are always there.

Accommodation for students are well furnished and comfortable enough with central Air conditioner.